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Cuban Cold Salad     
by The Chef

Ensalada Fria Cubana            Serves: 10  

Notes: An excellent summer salad


Boil the elbows in a pot with enough water and a pinch of salt, over high heat for 10 or 15 minutes until they are fully cooked.

While they boil, chop the ham, cheese and pineapple into small pieces, and reserve for later.

When the elbows are ready, drain them well and reserve in another dry container.

Now it is the turn to mix all the ingredients, the ham, the pineapple, the cheese, the elbows and the mayonnaise.


 1 Package of macaroni elbows
 1 Cup of mayonnaise
 1 pound of ham
 1 pound of white cheese
 1 pineapple
   Olives (optional)
   Salt to taste

Recipe notes:

You can substitute the ham with chicken, or the white cheese with one of your taste. In Cuba sometimes sliced boiled eggs and small cubed sweet onions are added.