Cuban Recipes

Cuba is known for its rich and unique culinary tradition with recipes, among which the famous Cuban sandwich, picadillo, arroz con pollo and the mojito are world celebrated. Cuban food shares recipes with the other countries, great recipes like Paella, flan, et al, but for the most part it is uniquely Cocina Cubana! Cuban Cookbook has more than 200 recipes with ratings and clear cooking instructions.

Impress your guests with a delicious appetizer to make your dinner memorable.

Cuban sandwiches are being served in trendy restaurants all over the world.

A surprising depth of flavors from Chicken to Lentil soups, Cuban style of course.

A little planning and these great recipes makes for tender goodness and a hearty meal.

Beef and Pork and more dishes with the flavors and aroma that characterize the Cuban kitchen.

Never undestimate the variety of poultry dishes, including delicious spicy chicken.

A variety of mouth watering recipes sure to please the most demanting palates.

Always a delicious choice, these wonderfull recipes will disappear in a flash.

From white rice to congri a staple dish at the Cuban table. Some are a full meal.

Nothing is more Cuban than black beans and white rice.

A variety of egg dishes for all occasions. Make eggs Cuban style and enjoy.

The classic salads with Cuban flair and flavor.

Side Dishes
The very distinct Cuban cuisine side dishes complement the main dishes.

A wide range of Cuban desserts and pastries to satisfy your palate.

Exotic and easy to make tropical drinks.

Show your gourmet skills and surprise your guest. A variety of world renown recipes.




The Cuban Kitchen

Cuban food is not intensely spiced but rather it tends to be delicately flavored. Cuban cuisine is not complicated by a myriad of cooking techniques and intricate sauces. Most of the recipes are slow cook numbers and little of it is ever fried. Sure Cuban food shares recipes with the other countries, great recipes like Paella, flan, et al, but for the most part it is uniquely Cocina Cubana!

Cuba is a West Caribbean island which has a rich cultural heritage with vibrant and varied culinary traditions from a variety of cultures that have contributed to the culinary development of this very distinct and delicious style of Cuban cuisine. Spaniards brought their own culinary styles to Cuba along with the Moors culinary style, because the Moors held large parts of Spain for centuries and these culinary styles infused with ancient influence of the native peoples of Cuba produced Cuban cuisine. Other groups of people that made significant culinary and cultural contributions to Cuban cuisine were the slaves brought in from Africa and French colonists fleeing uprisings in Haiti. Read more about the origins of Cuban Cooking

Featured Recipe Suggestions

Vaca Frita Cuban Cold Salad

Vaca Frita

Vaca Frita is a Cuban dish consisting of fried and shredded skirt or flank steak. Topped with sauteed onions with a squeeze of lime, and served with rice and black beans. It is prepared by sauteeing slow cooked steak.

Cuban Cold Salad

Delicious summer salad that is easy to prepare. It does not take a long time to prepare and there are options of the ingredients to use.

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Seafood Paella - Zarzuela de Mariscos Ground beef Cuban Style (Picadillo)

Seafood Stew (Zarzuela de Mariscos)

Zarzuela de Mariscos is this insane, over-the-top amazing shellfish stew. It may well be the best seafood stew on planet earth. I’m quite serious. It pushes all the right comfort and joy buttons.

Ground beef Cuban Style (Picadillo)

Picadillo is a traditional Cuban dish. The name “Picadillo” comes from the Spanish word “Picar”, which translates to “mince” or “chop”, describing the dish texture nicely. It can be served in a wide variety of ways, for example, you can serve it over white rice and beans, with mashed potatoes, in empanadas, or even as a sandwich in Cuban bread.

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