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Recipes for Sandwiches

Croquette Cuban Sandwich- Croqueta Preparada    
Croqueta Preparada
Serves:  4
Ham, roast pork, two croquettes, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard on Cuban bread!
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Cuban Sandwich- Sandwich Cubano    
Sandwich Cubano
Serves:  2
Here is our favorite grilled sandwich. Americans as well as Cubans love it. It has begun appearing on the menus of trendy restaurants all over.
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Cuban Steak Sandwich- Pan con Bistec    
Pan con Bistec
Serves:  4
Steak sauted with onions on Cuban bread. Flat-pressed. Optional swiss cheese. Goes great with a cold beer!
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Cuban Turkey Sandwich- Sandwich de Pavo Cubano    
Sandwich de Pavo Cubano
Serves:  2
Have one of these for lunch or dinner and enjoy!!
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Elena Ruz sandwich
Serves:  1
One of Cuba's most authentic and famous sandwich, named after socialite Elena Ruz and first prepared at Havana's El Carmelo
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Hamburger Cuban Style (Frita)    
Serves:  6
The Cuban Hamburger!
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Midnight Sandwich- Media Noche    
Media Noche
Serves:  2
Medianoche or "Midnight" sandwich, so named because of the sandwich's popularity as a staple served in Havana's night clubs around or after midnight.
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Pork Sandwich- Pan con Lechón    
Pan con Lechón
Serves:  2
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Grilled Grouper with Plantains and Salsa Verde- Cherna en Salsa Verde
Cherna en Salsa Verde