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Marta's Natilla- La Natilla de Marta     
by Marta's Cuban American Kitchen

La Natilla de Marta               Serves: 4  

Notes: And after the natilla, a cup of 'café cubano'


1) In a blender, combine the evaporated milk, egg yokes, sugar, cornstarch, and just a bit of the water (if you put in the whole can of water it is likely the blender will overflow).
2) Pour the now blended items into a large pot and add the rest of the water. Cook on medium heat stirring “de vez en cuando” (in this case it should be most of the time).
IMPORTANT: Whatever direction you begin stirring is the only direction you can stir for that batch of natilla. If you begin stirring clockwise, don’t change to counter-clockwise because the natilla will begin to separate and the batch will be ruined.
As you are stirring, eventually you will feel the natilla thicken.
3) Once it is thick all the way around the edges, turn off the heat. Now add the vanilla. (If you like cinnamon IN your natilla, this is the moment to add it). With a whisk or spoon or even a fork, begin to stir (in the direction you originally started) with all your might. Your stirring should make a sound along the lines of “taca, taca, taca.” The goal here is to rid the natilla of the little bumps that have formed (from the cornstarch) so stir well. It usually takes about 3 minutes of solid stirring and you should be good. Serve in ramekins or small ceramic or glass bowls.

You can add ground cinammon (for garnish)


1  Can Evaporated Milk
5  egg  yokes (But save the egg whites)
6  Tbsp. - corn starch
1  Cup - sugar
1  Can - water (You can use the empty milk can)

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