Recipes for Appetizers

Croquettes Ham or Chicken- Croquetas de Jamon o Pollo    
Croquetas de Jamon o Pollo
Serves:  10
The Cuban national appetizer served at parties, weddings, picnics, and are eaten at any time of day.
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Cuban Stuffed Potatoes- Papa Rellenas Recipe    
Papa Rellenas Recipe
Serves:  6
Cuban Stuffed Potatoes (Papas Rellenas) is a very popular Cuban dish, you can serve it as snack, lunch or dinner.
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Fried Green Plantains- Tostones    
Serves:  4
Typical side order for most Cuban dishes
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Green Plantain Chips- Mariquitas de Platano    
Mariquitas de Platano
Serves:  4
These tasty chips are the ubiquitous snack in Cuba, and although they are now commercialy packaged there's no substitute for the original, homemade variety.
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Ham Croquettes (Croquetas de Jamón)    
Croquetas de Jamón
Serves:  8
Traditional appetizer served at social gatherings
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Malanga Fritters- Frituras de Malanga    
Frituras de Malanga
Serves:  4
This is a very popular Cuban & Miamian appetizer, and great for lunch or just a snack.
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Mojo Chicken Wings (Alitas de Pollo Estilo Cubano)    
Alitas de Pollo Estilo Cubano
Serves:  4
Perfect for those Monday Night Football
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Stuffed Avocado- Aguacate Relleno    
Aguacate Relleno
Serves:  4
The snack bar at the yacht club was right next to the ocean. The salt air was delicious - as was this dish. Refreshing and easy to make.
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Yuca Frita (Deep-fried yuca)
Yuca Frita